About Us

Welkyn has delivered digital transformation and offered technology services for almost a decade. From its inception, Welkyn has engaged with 200+ global clients taking on several projects from their ideation to completion. Welkyn also has a proven track record by being the trusted technology partner of several fortune 500 companies.

Welkyn transforms the digital needs of clients with a robust and collective effort to create customized solutions that are unique and aimed at enhancing values. We are expertise in Global Content Localization, Desktop Publishing Services – DTP, application development, automation, digital solutions and maintenance helps propel the IT/ITES of our clients across the globe into a significant and strategic asset.

We, at Welkyn, believe in quality, in the power of technology and human ability. Welkyn’s roots reflect the impact of both people and technology to harness potential and to exceed the expectations of clients. Information runs the world and at Welkyn we take that to our advantage to create many possibilities. This results in quality technology which keeps the wheel turning for businesses. Thus, businesses not only survive, but thrive.


Collective Effort

Welkyn believes in bringing together the collective effort of people. We actively foster an environment where individuals are constantly encouraged to participate in constructive dialogue and where their creative ideas are valued.

Focussed Commitment

Welkyn focuses on meeting the needs of clients with single minded and directed resolve. We welcome tough projects and are committed to delivering it in a timely manner.

Welkyn is open minded to understand client needs and provides top-class expertise, by the use of technologies to offer world class solutions to its clients.


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