e-PUB Conversion

Welkyn is contended to help the publishers yoke by the budding contraption of e-readers and tablets being distributed globally. This revolution creates a new market and a compound revenue model by publishing their contents in multiple formats. Such compatible formats for the I-PAD, KINDLE & KINDLE FIRE, NOOK, KOBO, SONY, GOOGLE PLAY, ETC.

The main focus area of WELKYN is the improvement in the way eBooks are designed and adapted to various formats. The spotlight in the recent years has been the quality and the turnaround time of most eBook conversions as the number of service providers have increased.

WELKYN has always been open to accept challenges and scale new frontiers. The eBook industry is always prone to changes and WELKYN has been quick to embrace these changes. The idea of buying an eBook from any source and reading it on any device sounds nice, but in reality we would have to travel a long distance before achieving it. The major formats available for an eBook are;

  • Amazon Kindle: Kindle (AZW, TPZ), TXT, MOBI, PRC and PDF
  • Apple iPad: EPUB, PDF (plus iPad Apps, which could include Kindle and Barnes & Noble readers)
  • Barnes & Noble Nook: EPUB, PDB, PDF
  • Sony Reader: EPUB, PDF, BBEB

WELKYN is clearly aware of the ever increasing demand in this eBook industry and we at WELKYN has enough expertise in house to successfully import the contents of your print version in any of the above formats.

WELKYNS strength lies in its flexibility to adapt to the constantly changing eBook industry.


The team of programmers at WELKYN has successfully created an automated process for the production of eBooks, which reduces 65% of the time required for production. This is done in accordance with the IDPF quality standards. This investment of WELKYN in R&D has paid off and the fruit of this labor is given to the customer by providing the most competitive price in the industry.

This automation of production at WELKYN has also reflected in making available a unique feature for all eBook conversions wherein the output of the eBook is available on the same day to the customer.

The extensive knowledge and expertise by the team at WELKYN has been swift to recognize the various formats available for eBooks and can immediately suggest the end user the device that would aptly suit his requirement.

We at WELKYN are always available to address all your queries or concerns.


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