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Welkyn can convert your paper into digital documents, easing information retrieval and speeding processes in your workplace by documenting your paper files to CD, office servers, or the Internet. In the process of creating electronic document versions or electronic images of paper-based documents, we also offer a wide range of solutions in document scanning to help you convert your manual data to digitized format.


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Welkyn provides excellent document scanning services in India, reducing all your hassles related to paper. Our prompt services can handle any number of documents with ease while producing the highest quality resolution, regardless of size and condition. Scanning at Welkyn is done at a minimum of 200 dpi resolutions for good quality images and a maximum of 4800 dpi resolutions for excellent quality. We can transform large volumes of your paper into digital images that will be stored on CDs.


Our high-quality scanning delivers defined document scanning to your customized requirements. If you need editable scanned documents, our optical character recognition (OCR) can run your documents through its software. The scanned images are easily searchable and add to work efficiency. Large document scanning is A0, A1, or A2 in size, and small document scanning accommodates A3, A4, or even a smaller size. Small scanning can be used to transform high-volume files and archives into a cost-effective resource.

Large format scanning is available in various tenacities
  • Engineering drawings such as general assembly, parts and components, and schematics.
  • Architectural drawings, e.g., property floor plans.
  • Maps: ordnance surveys, county maps, historical maps.
Large format scanning is available for many purposes
  • Office administration, e.g., promotional, general correspondence, proposals, orders, contracts, invoices, reports, ; procedures.
  • Reference material: photographs, records, evidence.
  • Technical files: specifications, manuals.
  • Indexing of each file is available where there are large amounts of documents required for reclamation. We can index using a file number or, alternatively, you may require more than one index field to your specification like black and white, grey scale, and color.


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