Interactive eBook Development

Interactive eBooks- Bring your eBook content to life

In recent times there has been an increasing demand for “Interactive eBooks”. Video and audio enhancements are not the only things that are possible with an interactive eBook, but you can do so many more other things that can make your eBook unique and special.Here are few points that detail on why publishers should go in for the more advanced interactive eBook.

Here are few points that detail on why publishers should go in for the more advanced interactive eBook.

  1. During the conversion process it will be less expensive to create an interactive eBook than to reconvert any of the first generation eBooks to an interactive version.
  2. Interactive eBooks provide an opportunity to publishers to capture entirely new markets. It can help publishers reach out to that population who are visually impaired. By making use of certain functionalities enhanced eBooks can also help those with dyslexia. It can also help people who do not have a mastery over the English language.
  3. Children’s books, textbooks, historical texts and nonfiction which are meant for educational purpose can help us better by absorbing the content with a lot more vibrant information.

What WELKYN can do for you?

The team at WELKYN which is composed of Subject experts, Storyboard developers, Instrcuctional designers, Creative designers and programming experts have helped many publishers worldwide to create novel and improved interactive content. Content that is originally in the print format is reengineered to create electrifying interactive eBook content; in this process they create some new customers for the digital eBooks. The experienced team at WELKYN is the store house of some very comprehensive knowledge of the quality and features which support the ePub standards. They can fully understand the features that are planned for the future versions too. The interactive team at WELKYN can help you to create an production process that is both efficient and economica, be it romance novels or software manuals, children’s books or cook books Textbooks or medical journals we are comfortable. Higher education academic books which have many math equations may require interaction with computer algebra systems are formatted using MATHML. Fixed Layout supports MATHML which removes the obstruction for most technical publications.

Some of the interactive features offered by WELKYN

  • To help the viewer rotate some important images and help them pop up we include 3D/360 Degree view.
  • Creation of menu bars to store notes and connect to the web for searchable options.
  • Thumbnail view of pages.
  • Table of contents, chapters images are presented in a interactive format.
  • Photos, Videos, Texts, Music are provided with hyperlinks.
  • Read aloud facility that helps you read along with the text on touching the particular text.
  • This feature can be added with or without adding background music.
  • Video pop ups and starts playing on touch
  • The answer for any question either drop down or pop up on touch.
  • Feedback facility can be provided on touch of certain text or images.
  • Animation of the characters appearing in the book.
  • Touch activation of the particular place in the map.
  • Dropdown alerts
  • Zooming in and out of images that are touch activated.
  • Integration of music files
  • Animation of Text like glittering text and movement.
  • Accordion menu with text and images.
  • Hot spots- It shows the exact place on the map and connects it to the web link.



We at WELKYN have been quick to embrace new technologies and are fully aware of the different requirements of each reader that is available in the market place. We have developed a fluidity in our approach in solving all our customer’s needs and can ably suggest what features will be able to work in which device.

Interactive eBooks have a wide range of applications and we at WELKYN are ever ready to help, support and come up with new ideas that would help publishers worldwide to come up with exceptional interactive eBooks.


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