Content Localization

“Welkyn’s experience in localization has led to the creation of quality localized material and satisfied clients. We believe that our success and ensuing growth rests on magnifying minute details and giving it the attention it deserves.”

  • 24/7 Availability – Covering all time Zones
  • 130+ Language Support – Rich experience on working across the industry verticals content for the domain expertise
  • High Volume – Short turnaround time

Welkyn handles the entire localization cycle of a project which includes services such as:

  • Text Extraction (or) OCR
  • Template Creation for new layout
  • End to End multilingual DTP
  • Target Check Fix
  • Language Adaptation
  • Evaluating and setting up the documentation project
  • Generation all text materials in multiple languages (Manuals, Catalogue, Instruction Guide, Medical Documentation, etc.)
  • Fixing the layout of translated material
  • Desktop publishing and Language Sign-off (LSO)
  • Editing graphics
  • Converting or generating output of translated material in multiple formats
  • Performing quality checks on finalized translated material


Welkyn Technologies began its journey into Multilingual Desktop Publishing by creating books and journals and then carried forward the rich experience to content localization. Welkyn has localized written material in more than 130 languages including bidirectional languages, double byte character set languages (CCKJV), Western-European languages (FIGS, SCAND), Central & East-European (CEE) languages and all Asian and African languages.

Welkyn has set a high standard in producing localized material that mirror the original with the help of our immensely experienced Multilingual Desktop Publishing team who ensure accuracy plus keeps up with linguistic and typography standards required of each language group.

Years of practical experience and wide exposure has resulted in the production of well localized and quality documents that bear a stamp of approval from its varied clients. We are aware of the consequences of even a small error in localization. For instance, in the case of a missed decimal in medical regulatory instructions and in its usage, the error will have a direct impact on being rejected from the FDA. Therefore, a keen eye is provided to every minute detail to ensure quality and precision, given that every project is important and missing key information proves a lack of authenticity.

At Welkyn, we believe in quality work and recognise the importance of attention to detail. Localizing experts concentrate on the task at hand through various desktop publishing and graphics applications. We offer round the clock client support and production, catering to clients in different time zones with a quick turnaround time. With our ability to work on both Windows and Macintosh platforms which include the following tools, we are able to deliver above what our clients expect from us.

The below tools includes their entire versions

  • Adobe® FrameMaker®
  • Adobe® InDesign®
  • Adobe® Illustrator®
  • Adobe® Photoshop®
  • Adobe® Acrobat®
  • QuarkXPress®
  • CorelDRAW®
  • Tex / Latex
  • Flare
  • MS Help
  • Help QA
  • Microsoft Office (MSWord, MSPowerPoint, MSExcel, MSAccess)
  • Microsoft VISIO
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Adobe Flash
  • Discontinued products such as Adobe PageMaker or Macromedia FreeHand
  • NapsysCopyFlow (for QuarkXPress for Macintosh)
  • Transmission (for Adobe Illustrator / Adobe Photoshop)


Welkyn has developed its own in-house tools for certain languages that are not supported by any other Desktop Publishing tools and platforms. For instance, when the source language is in English and the target file has to be in a different language such as Eastern European, Asian or Bi-Directional languages, Welkyn's software, 'Flatworld', is able to handle information that is unsupported by any other platform. At Welkyn, we not only work with what is available but also improve technologically to be a step ahead of peers to ensure the best to our clients.


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