e-Learning Solutions

Picking up pace for the new age learning

In the vibrant world of learning the only constant thing has been change. The more assorted and lively environment of education demands a solution that keeps in pace with the recent technological developments and at the same time retaining its core values.

Whether it is electronic learning, mobile learning or any other form of digital content WELKYN ensures that you fulfil the needs of your target audience and improve their performance. Our team at WELKYN is composed of instructional designers, content developers, and media technologists to develop and deliver a complete eLearning solution which are bound to suit the special requirement.

Web based content, stand alone content which is custom developed for a particular client or smart phone based training WELKYN has the expertise to develop and deliver. The requirements of the client could be diverse like reengineering of existing course material or developing new modules with latest multimedia applications- WELKYN has the answer to help you reduce costs and deliver an innovative product that speeds up the performance.

Customized Content
Content geared to enhance performance

Technology-based learning and development programs are the proven way to enhance people’s performance. This is the only way to bring down the cost and achieve success in any field.

As a service provider who delivers customized eLearning solutions our team at WELKYN has the expertise to produce and deliver hours of eLearning solutions for students, employees and business partners. WELKYN spends long hours in understanding the customer’s needs and objectives and then WELKYN applies their home grown expertise and result driven customized courses to deliver the content which fits with the needs of the organization.

As of now eLearning solutions in WELKYN are being delivered through various channels like,

  • Web-Based Training (WBT)
  • Computer-Based Training (CBT)
  • Mobile Based learning or Smart Tablet learning

WELKYN ensures that the content delivered to us is localized to suit that particular market. The content which needs to be delivered should be limited to that specific area. Other capabilities of WELKYN include,

  • Audio integration
  • Multilingual voice-over recording
  • Interactive eBooks, Job Aids & Student/Instructor Guides
  • Technical Documentation


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