Mobile e-Learning Solutions

Smart Book Learning or Mobile learning.
eLearning Solutions for the new generation…..

The extensive usage of hand held devices like tablets and mobiles in recent years has redefined the service provided by various eLearning companies. This learning is being widely accepted these days as an efficient and a suitable method of delivering up to date information.

Availability of mobile devices and smart tablets with touch screens it has become easier to access and repossess information which have various interactive sessions with 3D tutorials.

The various applications that can be delivered are
  • Excellency check based on games.
  • Teaching for field personnel through 3D models.
  • Course content specially designed for the level desired.
  • Built in mechanism to give an assessment of the excellence.
The advantages of mobile learning include,
  • Effective training
  • Improved retention of key concepts.
  • Helps in Leveraging existing training investments
  • Cutting down classroom costs substantially

What WELKYN can offer

Instructional designers, content developers, Subject matter experts and technologists specialized in eLearning come together with a group of eBook production experts to bring to you one of the most sophisticated eLearning content. Subject matter experts extract the existing content that is available in any format and create a unique eLearning content that blends with any of the mobile or smart devices.

The eLearning content thus delivered conveys the information transfer adequately and expediently.

The WELKYN advantage

Customizing content to suit the geographical location of the customer is one of the clear advantages that WELKYN offers. Assembling together the wealth of knowledge that WELKYN has in house in terms of Subject matter experts, content developers, instructional designers, animators and Technologists, WELKYN has developed various eLearning products for various levels.

  1. Complete eLearning content available as CBT and smart book learning for nursery and kindergarten levels.
  2. This content is completely self sustaining requiring very little or no instructor involvement.
  3. Customization of this content based on the geographical location of the customer.
  4. This content is all set and available for immediate usage.
  5. Content which can be immediately developed and delivered to suit any particular grade or standard.


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