Big Data

Big Data proves to be the ultimatum task today in terms of analysis, curation, storage, sharing and transfer, update and privacy. Advantageous utilization of voluminous data your enterprise has is necessary to promote growth, performance, efficiency and operational spontaneity. However, these voluminous data has its own challenges that makes employees and workforce slow and ineffective.

Because we cannot escape big data, Welkyn’s big data services can help you by tracing trends, identifying problems, monitoring laws and regulations etc. Our challenging skills and experiences of working with leading enterprises guarantees effective services in all 3 dimensions of Big Data. Focussed research, solution accelerators, passionate and tech savvy big data specialists provides analytical solutions for complex problems with the combination of traditional and modern analytics capabilities.

Discover data insights and enhance surveillance capabilities, Welkyn enables you to focus on the broader aspect of revenue maximization and reduced IT Hadoop clusters.



Architecture Strategy & Design
  • Big Data Consulting
  • Big Data Implementation
  • Big Data Integration
  • Big Data Optimization
  • Business Analytics & Intelligence
  • Custom Hadoop Solutions
  • Custom MongoDB Solutions
  • Data Mining & Data Aggregation
  • Data Migration & Maintenance


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