Business Intelligence

Manage your business through digital intelligence. Facts-provided-analysis that makes you understand trends, norms, regulations, future predictability of your business schemes and plans. Identify, support, scrutinize and develop your business strategies and tactics by converting raw data into meaningful, understandable informations.

The strive for business guidance and excellence are satisfied at Welkyn. Your enterprise, with effective business intelligence, can enhance the business performance by reducing risks, understanding trends and factual analysis of informational reports for effective and timely decision making.

Strategic directions, business processes alignments, operational methodology with precision, update with changing trends are the benefits of BI services of Welkyn. Other effective activities include data mining, query and reporting, analytical processing and data interpretation and visualization. Analysing, rectifying and creating opportunities, improving tactical skills, finding solutions, working out business processes etc. are some of the core functions.

The experts in data analysis & business intelligence services provide the client with the required business leverage in terms of identifying opportunities, analytical reasoning for lowering down production & operations cost, maximizing efficiencies, price and competitive optimization through quick & time-sensitive decision making, as well as predicting market fluctuations.

Our Services Include
  • Mobile BI
  • BI on cloud
  • BI Dashboard Services
  • Data Warehousing Services
  • Data Quality Management, Migration
  • Reporting Services
  • Self Service BI
  • Advanced analytics
  • Advanced data visualization
  • Cloud-based Integrated Data and Analytics Platform
  • Data Discovery and Exploratory Analytics approaches
  • Prescriptive models for better decision-making
  • Real-time analytical information
  • Machine learning mechanism to learn the behavioral aspects of decision-making
  • consultations, analytical solutions, social media analytics and specific industrial point solutions


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