Data Governance Services

Large data requires more labour investments in data management, maintenance, storage and privacy. Though manual labour does come into picture, lack of effective data governance system increases risk, reduces revenue and decreases productivity.

Welkyn Data Governance services secure data quality, downstream data operations, has automatic defect captures reducing system maintenance, removes proliferation of errors and defective data.

SOA based framework for Data Governance is offered by Welkyn, which helps your enterprise with data governance initiatives including Metadata Management across BI, SOA and EA solutions.

Your enterprise can quickly access to integrated, accurate data that reduces business decision cycles. Other benefits include increased opportunities with productive time resulting in increased revenue, enhanced transparency, flexible controls and effective risk management.


The following services are provided in Data Governance initiative

  1. Business Objectives identification and development of KPIs.
  2. Data Analyses of current situation with effective practices around Data Governance.
  3. Data Management road map creation for Strategic Planning for Data Architecture, Enterprise Information Architecture, Organization and its Methodologies, Data and business processes and policies
  4. Solutions (BI, SOA, EA) Identification for accessing and utilization of data.
  5. Technology evaluation for Data Governance solutions
  6. Providing implementation resources
  7. Conducting interview and working sessions with key business and IT stakeholders to perceive the enterprise’s vision and strategies for data governance within organization.


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