Master Data Management

Enormous data production and collection results in inaccurate statistics and minute analysis. Advanced Master Data Management creates centralized location for complex data resulting in quick and easy access, increased accuracy and consistency. It’s the prevalent sharing of critical business data for supporting analytical and transactional operational presentations.

At Welkyn, master data is managed by providing reliable management solutions which include providing high security solutions for systems from malicious data entry, providing quality assurance through quality data that improves product introduction cycle, cross sell / upsell ensuring consistency.

Master Data Management strategy through Welkyn installs tools and controls that implements low maintenance and applications, reduces frequency and occurrence of errors, improves data quality and operations.

Inappropriate and irrelevant data removing including duplicates are obvious and uncomplicated through mass maintaining. Incorporating rules and standardizing data with strict examination to privacy enables effective coherent and user experience.

Provides confusion free solutions, optimizes efficiency and facilitates master computing in multiple systems are the effective skills of Welkyn.

MDM Services, at Welkyn includes
  • Data Audit to analyse source, destination and usage of data entry.
  • Determining MDM platform by proposing and testing data governance models.
  • Server designing and implementation solutions
  • Data removal, transformation, data source merging and other needs of the organisation are done using ETL
  • Centralized Master File containing all data formats, from CSV to RDBMS, with cross platform analysis being possible
  • Reliability, Accuracy, Consistency in Master Data Management are attributes of Welkyn
    • De-normalized search table
    • Design and development business proxy, data extensions and behavioural extensions
    • Well-developed MDM documents
  • Effective monitoring and maintenance 24 X 7


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