Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Publishers, authors and editors, through this website are permitted to make use of the facility to upload content, process it, modify it and thereby also distribute the output for the benefit of the readers. They may also publish the output on the internet or internet holding devices or operating systems.

A ‘Publisher’ or a ‘Reader’, anyone who uses our website, is regarded as a ‘User’. Though this website caters different services to a publisher from that of a reader, the privacy policy stands the same for any ‘user.’ WELKYN is very particular about the ‘confidentiality and privacy of the user’.


We request our users to provide us with their personal details mainly because we urge to provide customized and the best of services. Most of our services on this website require individuals or organizations to provide us with their personal information such as- name, organization’s name, email address, postal address, contact number, etc. Apart from these, WELKYN also requests for information regarding the user’s job title, gender, and username.

WELKYN may also obtain information about individuals and the organizations from other authentic sources and include it to the information already provided by the users.

WELKYN assures its users of the confidentiality of the information provided and guarantees the protection of the same. The passwords are not stored up directly; we use a hash of the password to assure security and protection. Our production sites are thoroughly encrypted; firewalls are premeditated to give high levels of protection from unauthorized persons or organizations.


A ‘cookie’ is a small amount of data generated by a website and saved by your web browser. The web browser may save these cookies and your login details on your computer but cookies by themselves do not tell us anything about you or the other users. However, we integrate these cookies with your personal identification details given by you to only improve our services and give you the best.

Nevertheless, the user can choose to prevent us from obtaining the cookies by changing a few settings on the web browser.

The users IP address, the time of visit to the website and other information regarding the pages visited are also gathered by us. However, this is an automated process wherein our servers access information from the users’ browsers. Although, this happens only when the user is a registered one.

The cookies and the other tracking technologies are made use of for various other reasons:

  • To know the count of revisits to the website;
  • To gather and report unknown, amassed, statistical information on the website;
  • To know and understand the response to the advertisements;
  • To decipher what are the favorite features of the users on the website;
  • To save the password so that the user does not have to re-enter each time he/she logs in;
  • To understand the tastes and preferences of the target audience and thereby help in appropriate advertising in the website.


All the data that WELKYN gathers and receives from its users are put to the best use.

  • To fit in the appropriate advertisements on the website and customize the content based on the preference of the users.
  • To make the website ‘user – friendly’ and thereby decipher the performance levels of each page. This is done using the tracking information, cumulative user demographics and traffic patterns to those pages.
  • To provide the best of services and meet the expectations of the customer. We take enough care to personally be in touch with customers by sending out electronic newsletters and enabling the user to participate in paid services, polls, contests, and message boards.
  • To provide the users with more information on topics that interests them. However, this happens only if the user wishes to receive such mails and consents for the same.


The Personal Identification Details that the user gives us may be made available to other organizations or individuals only when –

  • The user authorizes WELKYN to do so at the time of registration or at a later date.
  • The user uses our services in association with a partner, who is identified on the site. By using these ‘cobranded services’ the user grants WELKYN the consent to pass one’s registration details back to that partner. However, this should also comply with and is subject to the privacy policies of the partner.
  • WELKYN may employ a third-party vendor to make available specialized services, who are only permitted to use the information to do their jobs, and for nothing else.
  • The user rejects a proposal sent on behalf of the third party vendor. In such a case we may share details so as to they could be included in the third party’s ‘do not contact’ list.
  • There is adequate proof to substantiate that the user’s actions have violated the applicable laws and thereby demanded by the judicial system of the country.
  • When the user falls foul of the ‘terms of use’ mentioned by WELKYN and we learn that we need to protect our rights, property, etc. or those of others.
  • When WELKYN may be a party to a purchase, sale or a merger. This would push us to provide our database containing all the information to the other party. This is purely done to attract the advertisers and for other marketing and promotional reasons. Nevertheless, we do not disclose to these entities any information that could be used to identify the user personally.


WELKYN requests it users to provide correct and full information. This is because a few publishing services can be accessed only if the solicited personal identification details are completed and all the fields are filled. However, one can still view the website and the digital editions of the books.
We facilitate our users with the following options:

  • It is completely left to the user’s discretion if or if not, he/she would want to receive our electronic newsletters while registering or at a later date by following a few simple procedural steps.
  • It is completely left to the user’s discretion if or if not, he/she would want to provide us with Personal Identification Details during the process of registration in the website. However, choosing not to give in the details shall limit the user’s facility at the website.
  • One can review, correct and update the information collected during the registration.


For any general or a usual change, the website would contain the required details and the exact link shall be sent to the users. Nonetheless, if the policy concerning the ‘use of information’ changes after it is collected, all the users shall be notified through a personalized e-mail.


WELKYN is very clear about offering its services to adults only. It does not encourage anyone under the age of 13 to provide any personal information.


Any questions regarding this privacy statement or any other issue, WELKYN welcomes them all. The users can feel free to write to us at or contact us at our corporate office: NO: GF-32, Ground Floor,Tidel Park Coimbatore Limited ELCOSEZ, Aerodrome Post,Coimbatore – 641 014,Tamilnadu, India. WELKYN takes enough care to read every message submitted through the website and e mails and attempts to reply at the earliest possible. WELKYN also would be happy to have your valuable suggestions and feedback about the website or the company for it to provide its users with the best.


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