Copy Editing

“Let me just say that the BookWorks copy editor was terrific. I enjoyed reviewing the edits.”

—Dr. Steven G. Krantz, Professor of Mathematics, Washington University in St. Louis, MO. (Author of 67 books for the T&F Group)

The Bookworks–Welkyn


Our BookWorks STM Ltd., a copyediting partner has joined Welkyn in an unprecedented alliance for an Indian publishing technology service provider. Beyond doubt, we are the only five-star editorial service for English in India, based on the background of its principals, its staff, and all Western English speakers from birth.

We have been the Taylor and Francis Group’s only A-rated editing company in India for the past 11 years.

Its principals were editors and senior managers for publishers in the US and UK for over 30 years. BookWorks–Welkyn editing cuts no corners, can follow any stylebook, and is “native Western” in its familiarity with idioms, expressions, cultural quirks, and conventions.


Our expert editorial teams will provide

BookWorks–Welkyn expertly handles all kinds of books (and other media, too), including education, sociology, psychology, political science and government, philosophy, history and archaeology, literature, language and linguistics, geography, business management and economics, computer science and IT, the hard and soft sciences (including physics and ergonomics) parasciences, medicine, forensics, organic and chemical biology, environmental sciences, also from life sciences to social sciences; from physical sciences to structural engineering; from computer technology to statistics. We have editors who are well-qualified in the respective fields and therefore give that extra bit of advantage to the authors, by understanding the authors' point of view. Our editors have the capability to handle complex style aspects, grammar, language polishing, developmental editing and also substantive editing, wherever required. When manual editing skills used to enhance quality, we have created copy-editing tools as our in-house software is developed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of copy editing. Our in-house tool is a multi-task performer aiding the editors in marshalling in greater quality and efficiency. The tool emanates in a sequence performing all the important editing tasks, helping the editors to search for abbreviations, hyphenations, irregular capitals, prefixes and suffixes, chemical names, genus–species, color figure check, and spellings, thus helping them achieve superior quality and efficiency.

“ We are here to help you to ensure & appraise our way of perfectionism!! ”

Apart from copy-editing there are other types of editing. We endow our clients…which includes:

Developmental Editing (Content Editing)

Developmental editing is our process of editing your entire book. Welkyn’s developmental editing consists of a methodical evaluation of the whole text. Our editing process assures you that your document is aptly suitable for your readerships. Welkyn’s expert developmental editors examine well the themes, writing style and the pace of the book for all nonfiction books, journal or magazine articles, business proposals, marketing materials, white papers, software manuals, and other documents. Our welkyn’s developmental editor’s primary concern is structure, content, scope, quality and achievement of author goals.

Substantive Editing

Substantive editing involves a detailed process than proofreading by our editors and is used exclusively for a different skill set. When engaged in substantive editing, Welkyn’s editors consider the purpose of the document and edit it accordingly. Our editors look far beyond grammar, spelling and punctuation alone, and will also address the issue such as the structure of the document, the flow of the arguments contained within it and the style in which it is written.

In this regard, our substantive editors do not just make sure that written English is precise; it's also about ensuring that the document achieves its fundamental objectives in a consistent and appealing manner.

Welkyn’s substantive editors possess both the ability to apply the rules of written English and also a strong sense of judgment as to formulate the structure of the document. When editing a document, our editors performing a substantive edit consider the following factors:

• Coherency
• Logic
• Completeness
• Accuracy


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