Fixed Layout eBook

The intention of Fixed layout platform on which ePub 3.0 is built on attempts to tackle some issues that arise in the standard ePub2.0 format. If a basic print document that is presently available in ePub 2.0 format needs to be converted to the more robust ePub 3.0 format, Fixed Layout is the platform on which you do it.

  1. High-quality graphic designs like Children’s books, Cook Books, Comic books, Art Books and Magazines, where the focus lies on images and graphics need a Fixed layout format for eBooks. These eBooks can maintain the same layout and design as their print book equivalent. These eBooks can also contain other advanced features that can make them more interesting.
  2. The Fixed Layout format provides the flexibility of retaining the original layout and design as the print version other words as the ePub 3 specification document says, “Content presentation should adapt to the user rather than the user having to adapt to a particular representation of content.”

The largest eBooks retailer Apple, Amazon, B & N & Kobo all four have introduced their own unique fixed layout eBook file formats.

Most of the childen’s eBooks are in the fixed layout format. Amazon and B&N do not support non-fiction but Apple’s format can be used for art books, cookbooks, pamphlets and other books that needs to attain their novel layout. Kobo supports the Apple format for the most part.


Fixed Layout eBooks from WELKYN

A team of seasoned and knowledgeable programmers ably supported by creative designers at Welkyn work round the clock and ensure that your content is presented in the same manner in the digital format with more interactive features added into it. ePub 3.0 offers the unique zooming facility of both the text and images at the same retaining the original page layout. This feature ensures that the user has full control of the page layout.

The team of professionals at WELKYN are well equipped and highly flexible in adapting to all eReaders and Tablets. The team at WELKYN are customer specific and are well trained to handle the customer’s needs by providing all the necessary support by which their content can be enriched. The programmers and designers are a part of the R&D team at Welkyn have worked tirelessly and come up with an automation that reduces the production time by almost 75% thereby reducing the turn around time for the delivery of books.

Days of hard labor and constant innovation by the team at WELKYN has pivoted them to an enviable position in providing one single price for all formats even though each device has a specific format.


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